I’ve written a resolution that was passed by the CFT, and it's now a bill in the California Assembly. If passed as a new law, the workload cap of all California Community College (CCC) adjuncts will be increased from 67% to 85%--allowing each adjunct to work an additional class at individual colleges. When a bill was introduced in the California Assembly as AB 897, I quickly helped to draft a letter of support for the bill to pass. In the near future, I plan to fly to Sacramento to testify in support of the bill to the California legislature.


This one has been in the works for some time. The guide is meant to address commonly asked questions. The answers of which may be found in various locations on the campus website. The guide would compile all those answers into one place and would serve as a go-to reference. Some of the questions it would address include, "What should I do if I see 'Hold' next to a student's name on Rosters+?" "What is Rosters+?" "How do I get free desk copies to teach my class?" "What is a desk copy?" "Under which circumstances should I contact my department chair vs my dean?" "Can I be reimbursed for professional development expenses?" and "Can I request teaching materials through my division office?"


Cerritos College is currently working on finding more and better ways of attracting, hiring and retaining a more diverse full-time faculty body. I have joined these efforts because such an initiative would not only lead to more equity among faculty and students, but would make the college more successful as a whole. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, "the performance gap...between white and underrepresented minority students falls by 20-50 percent when taught by underrepresented minority instructor[s]." Our college president, Dr. Jose Fierro found that part-time faculty are more diverse than full-time faculty. If this is true, alongside attracting a more diverse applicant pool from outside the school, it would be in our best interest to create a structure allowing for the current, more diverse adjunct faculty to be promoted to full-time faculty positions, so that our students and our college could benefit.


I hold a position on the Liberal Arts Equity Response Team Subcommittee (LAERT), whose vision is to create a community-based system and culture within and around Cerritos College that would foster faculty and student equity and success. My role on the committee is creating a website that would serve as a resource for faculty, staff and administration. Among these resources would be scholarly articles, teaching materials, and original works from our own Cerritos College employees, among other materials and information.